Year 4

In year 4, we were learning about Ancient Egypt. In science, we investigated mummification. We mummified bread by placing the bread in different materials such as sand, salt and damp sand. We were trying to observe which material could preserve the bread the best. We noticed that damp sand was the worst because it had the most mould and salt was the best.



•As part of our work looking at habitats we looked at plants and everything they need to survive.

•We decided to investigate what happens if these conditions are changed by planting cress seed and carrying out an observation over time to see how tall the cress grows over a period of time.

•We put the cress in different parts of the classroom including by the window and in the cupboard (restricting the amount of sunlight they get)



•We looked at animal adaptations which enable them to thrive in their habitat.

•One of the adaptations we looked at were beaks and their different shapes. We explored why they have different shapes and investigated the types of foods the might be better for eating.

•We did this by imitating the birds beak using pegs which we adapted with tooth picks, lollipop sticks and picture hangers. We also created a net shaped beak inspired by the pelican.

•We found some beaks were a lot better for certain types of food than others and theorised that diet was one of the driving factors in these adaptations.


In year 4, we were learning about teeth in our digestive system topic. We completed a science experiment investigating which liquids cause the most damage to our teeth. We completed this by using the egg has our teeth and leaving the egg in the liquid for a week. After this time, we observed what reaction had happened to the shell. We found out that the acid from some liquids had decayed the shell, just as it would do with our teeth!


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