Head Boy

Hello, I'm the head boy at Freehold Community Primary Academy and I am ready to help you with anything you need; bullying, cyber bullying or just help in general. I have been in this school for 8 years of my life and have learnt so much from every lesson and activity we do in this amazing Academy. I always walk around school doing the jobs I am told to do and if you need to know where I am ask my teacher, Miss Haberman, of my current location.


What I enjoy about Freehold Academy:

  • the amazing classes
  • awesome activities
  • grat and reliable teachers


What could be developed?

  • more DT and Art activities as well as lessons
  • more RE activities


My aspirations

"I really enjoy the different activities in this amazing school and as long as I'm in this school I promise to make every second in this academy more fun. Although there is not much I can do to improve this school, since nearly everyhting is here to help you becom who you want to be. I aspire to be a doctor and help those who are injured and make sure they get better as it has been my parent's dream to see me helping others and become a known man."


Contact the School

Freehold Community Primary Academy

Sidmouth Street,

Main Contact: Principal - Mrs A Leach SENCO - Mrs D Sparkes

Tel: 0161 770 5725
Fax: 0161 770 5726

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