Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I am the deputy head girl. My responsibility is to respect the teachers, students and school property. I am also to play with people wo are lonely and to take care of people who are injured, too. To be a deputy or head girl you have to be confident, show respect and be kind.

Freehold is an amazing academy; the teachers are lovely, the lessons are fun and the education is challenging. The trips are amazing; they are so interesting that you don't want to leave. The academy resources are very cool. There are circuits you have to build, colured paper, plain paper and many more things. The teachers are very funny or either kind or helpful. They are the most amazing teachers ever! This school is wonderful.


Things I would like to develop:

  • more creativity
  • more outdoor learning
  • more opportuntiies to help younger year groups


My favourite things!

My favourite hobbies are playing dodgeball, colouring, painting and drawing. I also love helping my friends and especially helping my teachers. My favourite food is pizza and paninis.


My aspirations

"When I grow up I want my family to be proud of me. I aspire to become a teacher or doctor. To become one of these I will work extremely hard, showing reslience and persevering when times get hard. I hopefully will be attending Radclyffe High School and then I want to go to Manchester University to study further. I hope that other children at Freehold feel they can come and speak to me about anything they are worried about."



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Main Contact: Principal - Mrs A Leach SENCO - Mrs D Sparkes

Tel: 0161 770 5725
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