Cultural Linking Project

At Freehold we have been participants in the School Linking Project since its start in 2000. Up until July 2013 we linked with Mather Street Primary School. During this time we formed a strong bond with the staff and children at Mather Street.

We currently have a link with Thorp Primary school and enjoyed working with the staff and children there last year.

Through the cultural linking programme we aim to:

  • Remove cultural barriers within the local area and beyond.
  • Promote attitudinal change at a personal level
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of different cultural and social perspectives
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of commonality of interests and life-experience
  • Challenge young people to reflect on pre-conceptions and stereotypical views
  • Empower young people to take responsibility for their contribution to community cohesion

Activities can include:

  • Team building and co-operative learning activities at the Castleshaw Centre
  • Art workshops and exhibitions with Gallery Oldham
  • Singing, music and drama
  • Visits to Tandle Hills, Daisy Nook and Chadderton Hall
  • School Council joint conferences
  • Joint assemblies and celebrations
  • Joint School Staff and Governor training/meetings

Contact the School

Freehold Community Primary Academy

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Main Contact: Principal - Mrs A Leach SENCO - Mrs D Sparkes

Tel: 0161 770 5725
Fax: 0161 770 5726

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